Modern Bedroom with Walk in Dressing Area

Bandar Bukit Raja Master Bedroom Design

With the luxury of having a big master bedroom, we tend to try our very best to fill up and make use of maximum space usage.

We can opt for cater a resting lounge near window that filled with breezing morning sunlight or place a study table for night readings.

bedroom tv cabinet feature wall design Malaysia

What about a tv cabinet cum display feature wall for movie lovers? It will surely bring you some sweet entertainment nights while laying on your bed after a busy day.

Walk in dressing and wardrobe design Malaysia

Next, let’s raise the luxury level by zoning out a room corner for a resort style walk in dressing cum wardrobe section right within the master bedroom like what our customer here have fully embraced.

There are a lot of possibilities we can bring in to our master bedroom. The trick is always voice up what is in your mind and discuss with interior designer. Somethings admired will be found after few ideas sharing and brainstorming sessions ūüôā



Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas and Tips

Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas and Tips

A airy Scandinavian bedroom design can magically uncluster your busy life and pamper your tired body.

Here are some ideas you can achieve that:

1. Carefully select 1-2 light pastel or grey tone wall paint colour that can match with bedroom flooring material.

2. Placing bed near the sunny window can energize your room environment.

3. Don’t forget to delicate a corner or wall for art paintings or family photos.

4. Be creative and intuitive on make good use of soft furnishing elements such as pillows, bed spreads and rugs to bring in comforts and complimentary colours.


Soho Master Bedroom and Study Lounge Design


Soho Bedroom Design KL Malaysia

Soho home has been overwhelming in KL now with its strategically convenient location and affordable price. It is a good option for new young home buyers.

Instead of treating it with usual modern contemporary design, why not consider a young airbnb resort interior design theme?

Soho Study Lounge Design KL Malaysia


By a simple usage of well design space divider partition, one can maximize the usage of limited space soho unit has and create two different living zones for resting, study and entertainment.

A touch of vivid and striking¬†yellow, ocean blue or apple green colours on selective furniture and soft furnishing can bring in refreshing energy into young citizen daily life¬†ūüôā

Home Interior Design Singapore

HDB Home interior design Singapore

This HDB bedroom design is done with playful mixture of graphical colour elements on wall surface and furniture design in order to keep the renovation cost down yet still maintain degrees of designer home feels.

We suggest the house owner to select fabrics that has design pattern with different touching texture like cotton or wool for bed blankets and pillow covers. This will complete the colour scheme of the young and relaxing sleeping bedroom.


Soho Studio Condo Design Kuala Lumpur

soho studio condo living room design malaysia

We provide soho apartment design in Malaysia and Singapore. This condo design makeover is particularly designed for rent out or Airbnb investment.

soho studio condo bedroom design singapore

Condo unit area near main sliding windows being partitioned out into bedroom area. The use of powder coated aluminium glass sliding door partition allow for flexible use of this area for either sleeping or lounge purpose and maximize the spatial viewing effect of the soho unit.

soho studio condo design singapore

We make the bedroom wardrobe as part of the divider alongside the sliding door partition to achieve a multi- functional build ins that can be used as closet, tv cabinet, display cabinet and space divider at the same time.

soho studio condo kitchen dining design malaysia

Existing kitchen cabinet provided by the developer is remained and enhanced with additional wall shelving and pull out kitchen cabinet.

Dining table set being place right at the center of the soho unit as we can do multi function works over dining table. For examples, it can be the dining, study, family gathering or treated as similar functions like kitchen island.

Soho condo is a good property for young generation or citizen. It can be easily turn into different functional space for soho office, soho residence and a mixture of twos.

HDB Bedroom Interior Design Singapore

Modern Theme Bedroom Interior Design Shah Alam

We selected a clean horizontal linear pattern wallpaper in light grey and greenish blue tone as a simple backdrop for bed head.

Main walls were painted  with a matching emerald green colour and the furniture are keep to a mixture of white oak and white lamination finish to complement the colour scheme of this bedroom.

This make the owner to easily transform the room instantly by changing the mattress cover and bed spread that appear with different colours and patterns.

Kids Bedroom Design 3D Setia Alam Malaysia

Kids Children Bedroom Design 3D Setia Alam Malaysia

This is a children bedroom design for Duta Villa residence, Setia Alam.

Whitish timber platform is introduced to accommodate 2 separate single bed mattress for two children who share the same room yet have their own sleeping compound.

Wall mural printing and a characteristic designed bed head adding a lively and artistic elements into the teen activities space in tasteful ways.


Rafflesia Damansara Perdana Roman Classic Bedroom 3D Interior Design Theme

Rafflesia Damansara Perdana Master Bedroom Study Lounge Design

Refreshing Morning Sun light make window areas a suitable place for Study Lounge inside  this master bedroom at Rafflesia Damansara Perdana House.

Rafflesia Damansara Perdana Master Bedroom Dressing Table Design

Ceiling cornice, timber wall panel and picture frame trimmings are applied at this Roman Classic theme with a subtle pale colour scheme.

Earthy tone floor broadloom carpet elevate the touching sense of homely intimacy.

Don’t forget to put a embellishing mirror with¬†the dressing area next to natural lighted side window.

Parkland Home Bedroom 3D Interior Design Klang

Parkland Home Master Bedroom 3D interior design Klang

A resort hotel theme master bedroom for Parkland Residence at Klang, Selangor.

Dressing area is surrounded with warm walnut timber wall panel that is selected to match with existing merbau timber floor from the developer.

With intuitively play of lighting and display shelving elements to achieve a relaxing and casual bedroom.

Parkland Home Master Bedroom 3D interior design Malaysia

We use a ocean blue tinted glass shelving to bring a accent retreat to the calm and warm room ambiance. This also setting a study activities zone with the welcoming natural day light from the adjacent windows within the room.