Japanese Restaurant Front Entrance Design Malaysia

Japanese Restaurant Design Made Different

We have invited to provide design solutions for a Duo Entry Izakaya Japanese Restaurant at USJ Mall Subang Jaya.

There is a outdoor dining platform that connects to restaurant’s main entrance. We cater a dedicated stand alone sake bar kiosk that serves Japanese sake and drinks during night hours.

Pendant lights are placed on top of every dining tables to create intimate light zonings for each group of dinners when the sun falls.

Japanese Restaurant Yakitori Bar Counter Design Malaysia

Yakitori bar counter are located right at the footstep when entering the restaurant interior.

Dark grey steel framings with mixture of raw brown and cement like timber panels has been carried through this area from exterior platform.

A well organized grid lines of LED conceal light strips and tracking lightings are carefully installed along the walkways and also feature walls to highlight various dining spaces around the restaurant.

Japanese Restaurant VIP Room Design Malaysia

VIP dining space is defined with a dedicated wine display steel shelve framing that double as divider partition.

Different selection of long dining table, arm chairs and glass pendant fixtures makes VIP space truly special.

A contrast dark blue Japanese hangover curtain been placed on the texture plastering on surrounding walls further impress the royal dinners.

White oak timber vinyl floor is chosen for VIP dining area as oppose to light grey timber floor on the rest of areas for visually identification.

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Sweet Forest Cafe Drinking Bar Counter Design

Sweet Forest Cafe Branding Design

Cafe chains have been become a favourite place not just for delicious foods and beverages, yet also an escaping haven from working generations for temperary mind refreshing and retreats.

More and more sales marketeers treat cafe as their meeting venue as unique interior design of cafe always encourage a relaxing business discussion environment with their customers.

Sweet Forest Cafe Drinking Bar Counter Design

This is our design scheme for Sweet Forest Cafe that is now a viral place in the town. The first design touch is having a earth tone colour scheme throughout the dining space.Read More »

atami bento japanese cafe menu design malaysia

Atami Bento Japanese Restaurant Design Malaysia

This is a self service concept Japanese Restaurant located at Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur.

This cafe design theme is emphasized on the prominent placement of food menu graphic design showcase. General design approach is similar to fast food chained restaurants yet retaining some essential Japanese style into the cafe interior design environment.

atami bento japanese restaurant design malaysia

Food menu and counters been highlighted with LED spot light and concealed lightings to make the restaurant shout out to the streets and attract interests from nearby residents and business workers.