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GetIDonline Kitchen Layout Space Planning Guideline

We spend many hours at home in dining area and kitchens for various household activities. It is wise to take profound considerations into the space planning to maximize usage value and interior design of these areas.

best kitchen layout plan Malaysia

First and foremost, we need to analysis our daily routines and make sure a smooth unclustered space planning are done to these areas.

As dining area and dry kitchen are the intimate gathering space for family members everyday. A well organized layout plan that encourage smooth walk flow between these areas can improve the household usage ratio and family interaction too.Read More »

HDB Dining Area Design Singapore

HDB Dining Area Design Scheme


While living in sub sale apartment or HDB doesn’t necessary a hinder for better living design environment.

We have helped our Singapore client to twist his current home for even better place.

With minimum structure alterations and budget in mind, we proposed a eye catching yet charming colour scheme into the dining area where it just located next to home entry zone.

A medium dark grey textural wallpaper is applied at the dining wall while maximize and categories the storage cabinet for different needs, from concealed shoe cabinet, DB box cabinet, racing bike parking insert, to mixture of display and dining ware cabinet.

The existing window remain untouched yet we suggest a few hanging plants to make the space more cheerful and lively.


Soho Studio Condo Design Kuala Lumpur

soho studio condo living room design malaysia

We provide soho apartment design in Malaysia and Singapore. This condo design makeover is particularly designed for rent out or Airbnb investment.

soho studio condo bedroom design singapore

Condo unit area near main sliding windows being partitioned out into bedroom area. The use of powder coated aluminium glass sliding door partition allow for flexible use of this area for either sleeping or lounge purpose and maximize the spatial viewing effect of the soho unit.

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