Soho Studio Condo Design Kuala Lumpur

soho studio condo living room design malaysia

We provide soho apartment design in Malaysia and Singapore. This condo design makeover is particularly designed for rent out or Airbnb investment.

soho studio condo bedroom design singapore

Condo unit area near main sliding windows being partitioned out into bedroom area. The use of powder coated aluminium glass sliding door partition allow for flexible use of this area for either sleeping or lounge purpose and maximize the spatial viewing effect of the soho unit.

soho studio condo design singapore

We make the bedroom wardrobe as part of the divider alongside the sliding door partition to achieve a multi- functional build ins that can be used as closet, tv cabinet, display cabinet and space divider at the same time.

soho studio condo kitchen dining design malaysia

Existing kitchen cabinet provided by the developer is remained and enhanced with additional wall shelving and pull out kitchen cabinet.

Dining table set being place right at the center of the soho unit as we can do multi function works over dining table. For examples, it can be the dining, study, family gathering or treated as similar functions like kitchen island.

Soho condo is a good property for young generation or citizen. It can be easily turn into different functional space for soho office, soho residence and a mixture of twos.


Bukit Tinggi Dry Kitchen 3D Home Design

Bukit Tinggi Dry Kitchen 3D Home Design

Dry Kitchen is natural family gathering and ad hoc working space for our daily home activities.

It is worthwhile to spend a little more here with a multi functional island bar counter that can be used for most works we don’t expect able to get thing done here such as fast easy breakfast, bread baking, small family tv area, kids study area, refreshment drink and coffee bar.

You can even treat it as dining table if you are living in a small apartment so you can make get more living space without compensate space for dining area.

Before and After 3D home interior design Malaysia

before & after 3d home interior design Malaysia

Sometimes, there are some minor adjustments made during renovation period either on material colour scheme, designer furniture and lighting fixture selection or additional storage items.

In this soho condominium case, it is actually just minor changes as compare to our 3D design proposal versus its as build final photo.

Thanks our client for giving their trust to us 🙂