Before and After 3D home interior design Malaysia

before & after 3d home interior design Malaysia

Sometimes, there are some minor adjustments made during renovation period either on material colour scheme, designer furniture and lighting fixture selection or additional storage items.

In this soho condominium case, it is actually just minor changes as compare to our 3D design proposal versus its as build final photo.

Thanks our client for giving their trust to us 🙂

Scandinavian Kitchen Interior Design 3D Malaysia

scandinavian kitchen interior design malaysia

Likes IKEA interior design staffs? This trendy Scandinavian Nordic design theme will be the best choice for who love cleanliness, bright living environment and lots of space for decoration and arts collections.

Small build up houses like condominium, apartment and soho unit is well suited having this North European stylish home stays.

Check here on how we can help you to achieve the beauty of IKEA Home Design.

Laundry Cabinet 3D Visual Interior Design Bukit Jelutong

laundry cabinet 3D visual interior design

A well organized cabinet compartment and brightly lighted laundry or utility area is an essential space consideration to energize up our daily household activities.

plan it, store it, clean it with an easy flow routines whenever we can.