Malaysian Airbnb Home Design Guidelines

Airbnb Home Design Guidelines

Let’s take a deep look into Malaysian Airbnb Home Design thingy, don’t we?

What is the comfortable investment cost ones should put on their first
batch of design and renovation expenses?

Rationally it should be around 30k for a 900 sqft unit. The Ideas behind is we can break even in less than 2 years if execute properly.

Not forget Airbnb home owner still need to set aside some funds for normal day operation, upgrading and maintenance costs.

Malaysian Airbnb Home Design Ideas

Here are our suggestions for getting professional Airbnb home design done within the budget range:

1. Minimize Plaster Ceiling Covering Ratio

Plaster ceiling is popular among home owners while thinking of renovation. Yet with a mind on budget, It is wise not to fully cover the whole unit with plaster ceiling.

There are some extra benefits for not having plaster ceiling. As It will lower down ceiling height that will make the space feel small.

Secondly, expose ceiling is getting design trend currently especially for hospitality leisure home. It has more visualy attractions.

2. Make Use of Track Lightings

So how can we do with general lighting if without plaster ceiling? No place for standard LED downlight?

First rule of thumb is to make full use of existing natural sunlights. Try consider double layer window curtains of silk screen and night curtains. This will brighten up the interior spaces with minimum efforts.

Then, we can explore the beauty of trendy track spot lightings. when properly organized and blend into the overall design colour scheme, Track lightings can create a wow appealing lighting effects together with the natural light source.

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black and white TV cabinet design

Design Tips for visually Scale up Tv Cabinet

Shall you looking for ideas to make your living room visually sizable, here are some tips for you.

First of all, make sure all your main elements like wall, floor tiles and plaster ceiling in the same white or light tone colours while have a black or dark grey TV backdrop. This will make the living space appear more three dimensional and create visual depth to the area.

Secondly, while many designers will advice having mirror panels to doubling the adjacent space visually, you can opt for reflective colour glass panel that has similar colour to the TV backdrop to achieve the same effect while maintaining the intact colour scheme.

Next, make good use of spot lightings under wall shelving or ceiling to highlight certain spots like tv cabinet, display shelving and decorations. The impact of lighting beam and its shadow effects will blurring the actual space boundary lines.

A carefully blend of Colours and Lights always make Nice Interiors.

Industrial Living Room Design Malaysia

Different Design Theme will make your Home Living Feel Diversely

Different interior design scheme will suits different group of house owners who wish their home design to speak the same language to their preferred living style.

Here are some examples we done for our honorable client who seek our help to create different theme for the same living room area. This enable them easily decide which one to go without wasting precious time and cost right before their actual home renovation.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Malaysia

This is a Scandinavian design theme approach with adequate open display shelvings for their personal collections.Read More »