Lush Executive Condominium Study Table Design

Turning Small Bedroom into Family Study Room With Ease

L shape study table is placed along window wall to fulfill the 4 study seating request of the owner.

Lush Executive Condominium Study Room Layout Plan

With concerns to minimize the spatial tightness of study room and maximize the incoming of natural lights, few simple wall hanging shelves are introduced on both sides of walls instead of solid wall hanging cabinets.

This helps to retain the three dimensional space without being block visually yet fulfilling storage needs simultaneously.

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study room design Malaysia

First Floor Family Area or Study Area?

first floor family area design

Most Malaysian will find it difficult to utilize the first floor family area at typical terrace house. Many of us will just treat it as family TV entertainment area.

We need to find some creative ways to make full use of family area. Try thinking on how this space can contribute and adding extra convenience to our daily life routine will bring us some ideas.Read More »

Soho Bedroom Design KL Malaysia

Soho Master Bedroom and Study Lounge Design

Soho home has been overwhelming in KL now with its strategically convenient location and affordable price. It is a good option for new young home buyers.

Instead of treating it with usual modern contemporary design, why not consider a young airbnb resort interior design theme?

Soho Study Lounge Design KL Malaysia

By a simple usage of well design space divider partition, one can maximize the usage of limited space soho unit has and create two different living zones for resting, study and entertainment.

A touch of vivid and striking yellow, ocean blue or apple green colours on selective furniture and soft furnishing can bring in refreshing energy into young citizen daily life 🙂