HDB Bedroom Interior Design Singapore

Modern Theme Bedroom Interior Design Shah Alam

We selected a clean horizontal linear pattern wallpaper in light grey and greenish blue tone as a simple backdrop for bed head.

Main walls were painted  with a matching emerald green colour and the furniture are keep to a mixture of white oak and white lamination finish to complement the colour scheme of this bedroom.

This make the owner to easily transform the room instantly by changing the mattress cover and bed spread that appear with different colours and patterns.


Kids Bedroom Design 3D Setia Alam Malaysia

Kids Children Bedroom Design 3D Setia Alam Malaysia

This is a children bedroom design for Duta Villa residence, Setia Alam.

Whitish timber platform is introduced to accommodate 2 separate single bed mattress for two children who share the same room yet have their own sleeping compound.

Wall mural printing and a characteristic designed bed head adding a lively and artistic elements into the teen activities space in tasteful ways.