KLIA Airport Concept Eco Shop Design

KLIA Airport Concept Shop Design Malaysia

We introduced a clean lines and wooden rustic elements to this KLIA concept store that sell local pack foods and eco friendly products.

While encoring the image branding of the shop, it forms an visual impacts to the airport visitors who can temporarily escape the busy city life by taking a brief shopping inside this rural charming shop atmosphere.

A product display push cart is placed right at shop entrance to further shout out the shop existance to the mall pedestrians.

Simple floor design mixture of cement tile and wooden floor draw a clear line between cashier counter and products shopping areas.This will ease to control the visitors flow around the shop efficiently.


Before and After 3D Office interior design

Before and After 3D office interior design Malaysia Singapore

With the benefits of 3D interior design visuals, we can imagine the outcome of office design before you spend a single renovation cost.

You can see the impacts of interior design to your office environment and customer interactions, this will minimize the communicating hassle between you and contractors while maximize the value of every renovation cost you spend.

Most of us spend 6-10 hours daily in our office, that along is worthwhile for us to allocate some percentage of renovation budget to get an interior design 3D services. This will make sure we have a better working space and interior design branding for our company. Less worries and less regrets after the renovation has completed.

Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas and Tips

Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas and Tips

A airy Scandinavian bedroom design can magically uncluster your busy life and pamper your tired body.

Here are some ideas you can achieve that:

1. Carefully select 1-2 light pastel or grey tone wall paint colour that can match with bedroom flooring material.

2. Placing bed near the sunny window can energize your room environment.

3. Don’t forget to delicate a corner or wall for art paintings or family photos.

4. Be creative and intuitive on make good use of soft furnishing elements such as pillows, bed spreads and rugs to bring in comforts and complimentary colours.


Soho Master Bedroom and Study Lounge Design


Soho Bedroom Design KL Malaysia

Soho home has been overwhelming in KL now with its strategically convenient location and affordable price. It is a good option for new young home buyers.

Instead of treating it with usual modern contemporary design, why not consider a young airbnb resort interior design theme?

Soho Study Lounge Design KL Malaysia


By a simple usage of well design space divider partition, one can maximize the usage of limited space soho unit has and create two different living zones for resting, study and entertainment.

A touch of vivid and striking yellow, ocean blue or apple green colours on selective furniture and soft furnishing can bring in refreshing energy into young citizen daily life 🙂

Atami Bento Japanese Restaurant Design Malaysia

atami bento japanese cafe menu design malaysia

This is a self service concept Japanese Restaurant located at Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur.

This cafe design theme is emphasized on the prominent placement of food menu graphic design showcase. General design approach is similar to fast food chained restaurants yet retaining some essential Japanese style into the cafe interior design environment.

atami bento japanese restaurant design malaysia

Food menu and counters been highlighted with LED spot light and concealed lightings to make the restaurant shout out to the streets and attract interests from nearby residents and business workers.

Industrial Earth Office Design Theme

industrial earth office reception design Malaysia

Dark grey powdered coated aluminium frame partition with randomly placement of raw timber solid wood panels trigger a industrial rustic office design working environment.

Triangulated pale white reception counter forms a interesting contrary elements to the rest.

industrial rustic office meeting room design Malaysia

A vibrant yellow paint feature wall extend the spatial impact of this meeting room visually from its adjacent reception area.

A dominant industrial pendant light is placed at very center of meeting table further echo the design theme and light up the meeting atmosphere with ease.

Child Care Education Center Design Malaysia

child care center reception design malaysia

Scandinavian kids care center design we proposed for Kidzcare Baby And Child Clinic Shah Alam.

kids education center design malaysia

We have put efforts on space planning of the kids edu center with an aim to strategically divide the center into different interacting zoning base on the nature and functions of the various activities such as kids study library, IQ game area, psychical movement gaming area, playing ground and class rooms.

children class room design malaysia

Mirror wall being introduced in the children class room to stimulate self awareness and enhance the interactions among teachers and children.

children playing room design malaysia

Low portable cabinets are placing between the large class room to double its function as space divider. This effectively zoning out a corner area to be a separate kids learning area and art works display area.

children center kitchen design malaysia

A special open design concept kitchen area filled with colourful graphical design elements should make daily kids lunch time a easy monitoring process.

kids center pantry design malaysia

Pantry counter is placed in between dining area and baby room as food / milk preparation are essential activities carried out on these areas.

baby room design malaysia

Baby room is designed with the same graphical design theme as kitchen in mind yet with different colour scheme and dimmable lighting system.

Baby care room is enclosed from other areas to keep the noise interruption to its minimum. A handy baby diapers changing counter with water basin is setting up at a corner to keep the flow smoothly within the baby room.

Different Design Theme will make your Home Living Feel Diversely

Different interior design scheme will suits different group of house owners who wish their home design to speak the same language to their preferred living style.

Here are some examples we done for our honorable client who seek our help to create different theme for the same living room area. This enable them easily decide which one to go without wasting precious time and cost right before their actual home renovation.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Malaysia

This is a Scandinavian design theme approach with adequate open display shelvings for their personal collections.

Scandinavian Living Area Design Malaysia

The careful selection of colours and materials for graphical tv glass panel and display cabinets to ensure they will match the colour of other loose furniture and soft furnishing around.

Industrial Living Room Design Malaysia

This is another Industrial mix Nature Earth design theme that is more clean and young looks yet still provide minimum needs of wall shelvings and storage cabinets.

Industrial Living Area Design Malaysia

Colours has been tune down to more natural earth tone and the light source temperature has been adjusted to warmer kelvin to create different lighting ambiance.



Home Interior Design Singapore

HDB Home interior design Singapore

This HDB bedroom design is done with playful mixture of graphical colour elements on wall surface and furniture design in order to keep the renovation cost down yet still maintain degrees of designer home feels.

We suggest the house owner to select fabrics that has design pattern with different touching texture like cotton or wool for bed blankets and pillow covers. This will complete the colour scheme of the young and relaxing sleeping bedroom.