DIY Information

Do check how we work in the first place.

Once you have submitted the Design Briefing Form to us, while waiting for our quick reply, kindly emailed us the information as below that you can DIY with ease.

room measurement diagram

i. existing plan for rooms that needed to be designed.

ii. width x length of the rooms preferably in millimeter unit.

iii. lowest beam height or existing ceiling height preferably in millimeter unit.

iv. 4 numbers of photos for each room taken from 4 different corners.

Please email these information to our email at or talk to us at +6012 675 3968 with either Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, just click on the button below, we are here to assist !

Facebook_Messenger   OR    whatsapp

6 thoughts on “DIY Information

  1. Hi, I recently bought a subsale house and I would like to refurbish the built-in cabinets and reuse some furniture. Will you able to help me to incorporate them in the design layout?


    1. Yes, Kim. We definitely can help you up with that. Do send us your existing house plan and photos by clicking the whatsapp or messenger button above, thanks.


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