Q1. Why should I pay for 3D Design Perspective from Getinteriordesignonline if I can get some contractors to provide free design?
A1. For property owner, you can choose and refine your preferred interior design scheme from Getinteriordesignonline in the first hand.

By showing our design works to your contractors, they will be able to give you a more accurate quotations.  You can easily  make comparison and clarification on renovation costs from different contractors, as they are quoted based on the same design.

Better still, their quotations will not over quoted or markup unreasonable as contractors are clear about the design scheme you want.

For contractor, you get a good quality 3D design perspective from Getinteriordesignonline with hassle free minimum cost and time, all done online through desktop, tablet or mobile phone as simple as that.

Q2. What is the quality of 3D perspective I will received?
A2. each 3D Perspective View will be rendered with material and lighting scheme proposal at 1280 x 720px resolutions in PNG image format.

Q3. How long will I get 3D perspective?
A3. We need approximately 2-3 days for every 1 perspective from designing, modelling, rendering and post production process.

The actual production duration will be written on our payment information email to you once we received your design briefing form submission through Getinteriordesignonline website.

Q4. What are advantages for appointing us to other freelance designer?
A4. Here are the reasons for choosing us:

– we can design base on your budget range so you have better financial control on renovation budget

– we will provide you the dimensions of final designed cabinet and feature wall, in order your contractors to do renovation to the exact design proportion, free of charge

– we do provide detail drawings on per drawing basis charges shall your contractors need it ( experienced contractors will not need this as they can do base on our design 3d views alone)

Q5. How about if I prefer a total design package or design and build services?
A5. We do provide a full interior design service which include material specification, construction plans, detail drawings and site supervision visits under Reddotz Interior Design.

Check here for benefits of getting experienced freelance interior designer vs interior design consultant firm.

For renovation works, we have our trusted associate contractors who can be introduced to you and carry out renovation works for you.

Do write to us at reddotz.interiordesign@gmail.com or talk to us now at +6012 675 3968 with either Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, just click on the button below, we are here to assist !

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4 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Hi there, we are currently looking for office freelance designers for our new office.
    We have a rough sketch of what we needed for the office such as the no of rooms and etc but need a designer to provide a 3D design with the color preferences so that we can get our contractors to renovate the place according to the design.
    Please provide details that is required for your side to be able to work out the 3D design

    Thank you


    HeptaTech Sdn Bhd
    H/P: 6012-9128755

  2. Hi there! I’m currently looking for home freelance designer for my home renovation.
    To need a designer to provide a 3D design & i can get our contractors to renovate the place according to the design.
    Please provide details that is required for your side to be able to work out the 3D design.

    Thank you


    Kave Wong
    6016 290 7703

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