How a well thought furniture layout planning can improve home living comforts

Home Furniture Layout Plan Malaysia and Singapore

Ever imagine how you can treat your new home from the very first seconds when you look at your empty new home plan?

It is not easy to decide what you can do without a proper measured and drawn to scale furniture layout plan like these scenarios below:

  • What combination of sofa seats should I choose, 3+2+1 seater sofa set or L shape recliner + 2 seater sofa set?
  • How big a dining table set can the space fit in nicely? Should it be a rectangular dining table or round table?
  • Can I have a guest living and family living at the same time?
  • Can my house accommodate a nice bar counter at dry kitchen? Can I have a kitchen island?
  • How should I arrange the storage compartment around the house compound?
  • What type of storage cabinets can I have, full height build-ins, wall shelvings, tall open cabinet or low console?
  • Can my bedroom fit in King size bed? how about dressing table?
  • How can I make most use of my limited space to cater sufficient yet comfortable closets? Should it be opened wardrobe or sliding wardrobe?

This is what we can help to ease your mind. Through carefully thought out space planning and furniture arrangement based on your needs, we can guide you how to maximize space usage of your home and fit in your desired living routines.

Once finalize the space planning, you can then start your shopping journey on sofas, beds, furniture and talk to contractors for carpentry works base on the dimensions provided on the layout plan.

Here is our drawing fee charges :

Full CAD Scale Residential House Furniture Layout only per floor of less than 1200 sqft with dimensions build- ins cabinet sizes – RM360.00 / SGD120.00 / USD 90.00 per plan with 2 time revisions

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