Surprise Ourselves with Different Home Lighting Ambience

Have you observe how natural and artificial lightings can dramatically affects how our home lighting ambience feels like from day till night?

take a look how important an appropriate and well thought lighting scheme play its roles to our lovely home with our special video treats below, enjoy it !

A Complementary Place for Online Business Product Showcase

Online shopping has gradually become essential part of new generation’s habit due to its convenient and cashless payment process.

Mystery of Online Commercials

While running commercial online cutting tremendous business cost of setting up many physical shops for products sales and exposure, there are still many elements missing that fails to maintain the customers engagement. As lacking of customer service experience and actual get hold and touch the physical products make many of us feel less secure and trusts to the products offers.

More and more online business owners are adware of the importance and a needs for a space to boost interactions and trusts with their royal customers. This spaces are not just catered for customer service and product showcase for complete the customer shopping experience while also a venue for marketing event and social media exposure.

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Space planning How-tos for having desirable Guest and Family Living Room

Many home owners feel helpless on keeping their living areas clean and cluster free. Troublesome to keep the living tidy daily is a unachievable tasks to many of us. This make us feel desperately not able to inviting friends for gathering at our home.

One solution is to have a separate guest and family living. This will be easier for us to maintain a comfortable guest living for visiting guests.

For small home with limited space, it is a good alternative idea to treat our dining area as family living too while having the main living as guest living room.

Well Thought Out Space Planning

Let us explore various ways to create separate guest and family living. First and foremost, we will need to determine a correct space planning and furniture layout for these two areas.

One main guideline is to visualize the walking flows around the guest living and family living areas. This will help us to determine the appropriate position for main furniture like TV cabinet, storage cabinets and sofa seating.

Try avoid placing things on the main walking flow zone to ensure smooth free flows between both living areas and adjacent areas like dining area, lounge and stairways. This will increase the comfortable and interactive ratio between these areas too.

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Modern Bedroom Activities Zoning for Young Professional Man

Space Planning is the Key to achieve comfortable bedroom setups

Base on the existing bedroom set up by developer such as room shape, doors and windows position, we proposed a new timber divider at the middle of the room to define the room space into 2 activities zones. As a result, we can easily access the walk in wardrobe and bathroom at the right hand, or the sleeping and study area at the left hand area while walking in from the bedroom door.

This is a bedroom for a professional young man. So we positioned the bed set and working table near the window for maximum natural light at the sam time ensuring an unobstructed the walking flow in the bedroom.

19 Residence Bedroom layout plan
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Before and After 3D Kitchen Design Malaysia

Kitchen is one of the main area in our beloved home where is the place we spend a great portion of our time while we are at home.

A well design kitchen can be a multi purposed space that we can carry out many different activities here. For instances, we can treat it as our quick breakfast place. Mom can invite neighbor for a social chit chating while sharing baking session together right at kitchen too.

Malaysia Kitchen Design Before After 01

Family members can use bar counter at kitchen for study place or ad hoc working area too with a cup of coffee and great background music as complement.

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