Online Interior Design Consultation Malaysia

online interior design consultation malaysia

Getting a new home key is a exciting moments. Yet looking at the empty home made us feel helpless or clueless on how to get our lovely home truly belonging for comfortable stays.

GetIDonline know what is needed by our customers. Here we can provide you a first hand professional consultation without hassle. This will be done through one to one online video conferencing at your preferred time.

We will share and guide you on exploring possible creative ways of space planning, interior design ideas, lighting schemes and various material options within your renovation budget.

The Process of our Online ID consultation :

we will carry out the online consultation with Three simple steps as below:
1. Pre Consultation Preparation
2. Whatsapp Consultation Session
3. Issuance of Sketches for Schematic Furniture Layout Plan

tick boxPrior to our Whatsapp Consultation Session, we will communicate with you for necessary info you need to send us such as the existing house plan and site photos.

tick boxWe will send you a simple briefing form as our quick guides on your preferred design intention, design theme and budget. This help us to get some preparation prior to the consultation session.

tick boxDuring the Whatsapp Consultation Session, do share with us openly as many details as possible about your concerns or problems facing, so we can suggest the right solutions for you.

tick boxAfter the consultation session, we will produce and send out the Schematic Furniture Layout Plan sketches base on our discussion within 2 working days. 

tick boxYou can clarify with us on any design elements you are not clear on the layout plan sketches. We will reply you promptly as always.

The Benefits of our Online ID consultation package:

tick boxOur furniture layout plan sketches will show necessary types of build- ins cabinet and loose furniture arrangement, so you can show them while communicating with your contractors.

tick boxwe can suggest you how to make the interior spaces look nicer, shall there are any eyesore site elements like existing structural columns, beams and services like electrical and plumbing outlets.

tick boxWe can help you to analysis how to cope with or possible ways to take advantage of existing site conditions to maximize the space usage and design.

Here is our ID consultation package charges :

  • Selected Essential Areas ( Living, Dining and Dry Kitchen ) – RM225.00

    – including 1 session of One hour Whatsapp base consultation session by appointment inclusive of schematic furniture layout sketches

  • Add ons for consultation on additional rooms ( Wet Kitchen, Bedroom, Study and Family Area ) – RM 75.00 per room

    – extra 20 minutes Whatsapp base consultation session for each additional rooms inclusive of schematic furniture layout sketches

  • Add ons for 1 hour video meeting – RM 25.00 per session

    1 hour  video base consultation session for face to face interaction and discussion

Note: all price mentioned above are catered for room size of less than 150 sqft, for rooms larger than this do check with us for their price, thanks!

You will be entitled a 10% discount on our CAD to scale Professional Furniture Layout Plan 

This will let you further fine tune the layout plan sketches with dimensional indications.

Take a look here on why a Furniture Layout Plan is the KEY towards good and functional interior design outcomes.

Kindly write to us if you have any inquiries at or talk to us now at +6012 675 3968 with either Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, just click on the button below, we are here to assist !

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