Why Engage Us

furniture detail drawing malaysia

Wondering the Reasons for choosing us versus others, here are the EXTRA benefits we can offer compare to other platforms :

tick boxAll design works are done in house, unlike other design platforms that outsource to 3rd party freelancers. This will ensure effectiveness of communications and quality of design outcomes.

tick boxwe make effective communication with you to understand your essential needs and design preference, it can be done through whatsapp messaging, email and video call meeting, free of charge

tick boxwe will provide you a budget analysis and carry our design proposal based on this so you have better financial control on renovation budget, free of charge

tick boxwe will provide you the dimension diagrams of final designed cabinets and feature walls, in order your contractors to do renovation to the exact design proportion, free of charge

tick boxyou get your preferred interior design scheme from us before requesting renovation cost from contractors. You can then make comparison on renovation costs by different contractors based on the same design scheme

tick boxwe have associate contractors for the renovation works too. They can give you an accurate renovation quotation base on our design drawings. We will coordinate with them on understanding the design intention, free of charge

tick boxwe provide good after design stage consultation advices on various design related solutions encountered by our customers during renovation process. Take a look at some of the excellent customer reviews on us!

2 thoughts on “Why Engage Us

  1. Hello, I am mazliana from Carees Co. Ltd. I would like to ask about the design perspective designer. We are looking for a designer who could make a 3D image for proposal. Thus could you tell me the price and how long would you take to complete 1 graffic design?


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