Why Engage Us As Your Interior Designer

furniture detail drawing malaysia

You might have try some interior design app and online software like roomsketcher, planner5D or IKEA kitchen planner for your home design and renovation. They do offer some helpful tools for your home planning yet you need to spend your many hours and hard works to learn how to operate them before kick starting your home design.

If your time is precious and you can earn more by doing your daily business, why don’t consider leave these designing jobs to us. We are here to ease your mind and make your design ideas come true.

Wondering the Reasons for choosing us versus others, here are the EXTRA benefits we can offer:

tick boxwe will provide you a budget analysis and carry our design proposal based on this so you have better financial control on renovation budget

tick boxwe will provide you the dimensions of final designed cabinets and feature walls, in order your contractors to do renovation to the exact design proportion, free of charge

tick boxwe do provide detail drawings on per drawing basis charges shall your contractors need it ( experienced contractors will not need this as they can do base on our design 3d views alone)

tick boxwe have associate contractors to carry out your renovation works too. Shall you appoint him, we will coordinate with him on design matter and produce necessary detail drawings, free of charge

Check out also how we can save you more design fee compare to hire a interior design firm to do the same here.


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