5 key elements achieving hotel look bathroom in our home

Hill park bathroom layout

What is the first thing triggering in our minds right after coming back from daily works? A need for delicious food to treat our struggling stomach? We believe a majority of us wish to take a soothing bath to refresh ourselves from the tiredness and relax our state of minds from busy daily works.

Thus, a well design master bathroom with neatly design touches is a must for us to remind us we are back to home now and be free!

So what are the main things we can redone our bathrooms to make us feel at home and comfortable? Here are some of them you can explore.

Cluster free storage allocation

First and foremost, we need to make sure the first sight while entering the bathroom will evolve a tranquil and relaxing feeling in our minds instead of conflicting it.

Thus, a well organized bathroom is a must to achieve this. Apart from build in under vanity cabinet, a simple wall shelving or latter shelving units can improve the tidiness of the bathroom.

Hill Park toilet design visual

Natural earth yet warm color scheme

Since we wish to escape from the daily busy life, there is a needs to ensure the environment setup of bathroom is contra to outside world.

We recommend using earth tone as the primary color scheme with some warm color as secondary accent for the bathroom.

Earth tone will impose a sense of natural escape which can be further enhanced by the use of natural greenery and earth elements like green grass, stone and timber decors.

Warm color like dark red, coral, tomato and tangerine can rejoice our body away from the evening cold.

Hill Park bathroom design visual

Mixture selections of different materials

Besides using colors to impress our eye sight, we can also trigger our other senses like hearing by the using of background music and sense of touching by using varieties of floor and wall materials that have different texture and shapes.

A simple trick is having a textured floor tile at shower area and honed or natural surface tile at vanity area. You can apply the same concept to the wall surfaces to different areas too.

Mirror and Glasses

Yes, don’t forget to make good use of mirror and glass panels which exist in most of our bathrooms.

Dedicated selection of suitable vanity mirror panel design either a simple round shape hanging mirror or a hanging storage cabinet with mirror front door will add a third dimensional spatial impression to the bathroom space. The key is to ensure they have the appropriate size, shape and materials which blend with other elements in the bathroom without create chaos.

highlight key areas with dedicated lighting options

Lastly yet essentially, we strongly recommend choosing a warmer lighting color scheme for the bathroom to create a hotel feels.

we can input a concealed LED strip lights behind the mirror panel, wall shelving and also adding few ceiling spot lighting above the key areas like vanity counter, WC and shower area to achieve a mental rest interior.

While ensure the lighting brightness do not over exposed, some lighting tricks here is using a light source with cool white color temperature of 4000 Kelvin and remember also not to overdone and crowded our bathroom with too many types and numbers of lighting fixtures.

Hence, if we follow and apply these 5 tricks in our bathroom refurbishing exercise, we will ensure you looking forward to come back home more than usual from the busy day.

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