How to Effectively Space Planning An Opened – Concept Home Living Interior

You Residence Living Room Kuala Lumpur

Our needs and expectations towards a great home environment has ever evolved especially for young generations.

Most of young family prefer to live in a smaller home units which is closer to the city areas that is more affordable, easier maintaining and offer better daily living convenience.

Small home while well planned and executed, they can actually easier to achieve a good looking designer home than the larger one. An opened concept home can fits well and effectively make use of the interior in most cases. Here are some of our how tos tips, keep reading!

Made our home feel bigger and cluster – free

Since the interior spaces are smaller, we needs to pay more attention to keep our home more organized and tidy. This will improve to comforts and cleanliness of living environment.

A thoughtful Interior Space Planning, well connected household acitivity spaces and practical storage placement are the KEY to made full use of every corner for any small home.

Identifying the main walking flow around the spaces

Space Planning An Opened Concept Home layout

First and foremost, we need to analysis the basic shapes of our home compounds and sketch out the natural walking flow among different spatial shapes.

Once we get the walking flow mark down, list down the essential spaces we need like TV Entertainment area, Guest Social area, Eating area, Cooking Area, Study Area, Washing area, etc.

Then, we can plan and place these spaces into different zones based on the sub divided spaces created by the walking flows.

Minimize the selections and type of furniture

You Residence Dining Area Kuala Lumpur

Now we have properly define the living spaces around our house, the next steps will be listed down the storage type and size we need for each zones.

We suggest don’t overwhelm the spaces with many furniture, as this will result a conflicting and messy outcomes. Trying limited having only the essential furniture and cabinets, empty up the balance unoccupied space and corners will actually help to make the spatial feel larger and easy on eyes.

Make One Living Zone Stand Out From the Rest

You Residence Dry Kitchen Kuala Lumpur

We can make one area have greater degree of premium. This in turns will increase the visual appealing of other areas as well since all areas are visually connected inside an opened concept home

For an example with this home designed by us, an well invested functional and good looking kitchen cabinet design will make it the main focal point of the home, as we can see the kitchen from every angle from living and dining area too.

By selecting a dominant color for kitchen cabinet while keeping most other areas in mixture of subtle white and grey color scheme can help to achieve a calm yet lively living environment

Some more Quick Tips

You Residence Wet Kitchen Kuala Lumpur

We are using a single timber tone throughout all areas that help to visually link them into one. In this case, we select a lighter Birch wood timber to get a bright and young looks.

A mirror panel in dining area also help to extend and further connect it to other areas as well!


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