Fee Guidelines

Our quality design service come with affordable interior design price tags.

We offer pay what you need interior design package for your unique living home design needs.

If you plan to spend 50k for renovation, will you invest 2-3% of the budget for Interior design service? Imaging with just merely a cost of dining table, your home will feel enjoyable with better storage space usage ratio.

Don’t underestimate how a good design can bring joyful added values to our daily living spaces.

Let’s Embrace the Design Values!

Below are a guideline for our design drawing fee charges:

01. Home Design 3D Design View

1 no of 3D Design Perspective View for residential room size of less than 150 sqft – RM 188.00 / SGD 62.00 / USD 46.00 per room/ area

02. Office / Shop / Cafe Design 3D Design View

1 no of 3D Design Perspective View for commercial retail shop, office, restaurant and cafe area size of less than 250 sqft – RM300.00 / SGD 98.00 / USD 75.00 per room/ area

03. 360 Panorama Add Ons for 3D Design View

Addon for turning the 3D Design view of Item 01 & 02 above into 360 Panorama view – RM130.00 / SGD 43.00 / USD 32.00 per 3D view

Viewable on your phone, take a look at our example here.

04. Furniture Layout Plan

We do provide Professional CAD to Scale Space Planning Layout or Reflected Ceiling Plan for construction reference.

Take a look here on why a Furniture Layout Plan is the KEY towards good and functional interior design outcomes

05. Terrace House / Condo Home Design Package

We also offer some dedicated design packages with better discounted values, check them out below:

Home Design Package Malaysia Singapore

Shall you need us to design most of areas in your home, do submit the design briefing form below to us on button below:

get interior design quotation

Payment Method

accept Boost Pay Online
interbank giro ibg malaysia
paypal malaysia

Shall you need extra drawings like Elevations and Detail Drawings, do write to us at reddotzid@gmail.com or talk to us now at +6012 675 3968 with either Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, just click on the button below, we are here to assist !

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2 thoughts on “Fee Guidelines

  1. hi…..im annie! I want to know your company have any interior design as a restaurant?How much is the price of the designer fee?


    1. Hi Annie, yes we do provide interior design concept for restaurant and cafe, you can look through our id gallery for them.

      Do email us your restaurant base plan, size and cuisine type, we will let you know our design fee, thanks.


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