15 Cost effective tips and tricks for home design

art Painting for home decoration malaysia

A good looking and comfortable home budget interior design is everyone’s wish lists.

We wanted to share some tips and trick on various ways to achieve this with affordable home make over.

1. Minimum structure alteration to attain a better house layout

Interior space planning and furniture arrangement is always the first thing you need to look into when embark on new home renovation works. As house layout will determine how we live into the home living and how we carry out our daily household activities.

It is normal we reach a point decide to tear down some existing building structure or walls and planning new building extensions to accommodate our daily household needs for wet kitchen, laundry yard, larger bedrooms.

Yet this involve a lot of renovation cost and time that might not match our comfortable zone.

Our advise is always try to minimize these structure alterations by cleverly made adjustment of existing structure with diy storage add ons likes wall shelving.

Eventually, extend only the areas you needs desperately by focusing on the extra functions and living space enhancements these new extension will bring but not merely on its build up size.

Keep in mind, larger room don’t unnecessary better and comfortable. Small room have an advantage of easy maintenance, space intimacy, better household activities environment as most things are within our convenient hand reach.

2. Maximize usage of vertical wall area

No doubt, the most effective and cheap storage solutions is make good use of every inches of your wall space with wide variety of ready made storage items such as wall Shelf, wire wall grid, wall organizer, steel rods, wall hooks.

We can nowadays have lots of sources from home online shopping portals and local art flea markets, get the colours and sizes that fits your home design. These affordable storage items can increase the storage functions of existing areas and reduce the expensive room extensions you needs.

wall shelving storage design Malaysia

image from cocondedecoration

3. Think DIY if you can

Some of the storage items writen above can be easilly do it yourself that will further reduce the renovation cost. A simple google search will get you lots of household diy projects not only limited to storage items but furniture and interior decorations too.

Don’t forget DIY on IKEA or MUJI valuable products, look for great diy article like 22 smart ikea hacks for your lovely house and diy site like ikeahackers.net

4. Wall painting

Not a secret, wall painting is the cheapest way that can instantly transform the look and feel of any rooms.

There are few points we need to consider when choosing wall paint. We recommend using water base paint also if possible low voc eco friendly paint that keeps our living environment healthy like Murabond paint 

Yes, why don’t trying some wall painting diy techniques like this sharing wall painting ideas from The Spruce?

5. Fabric Textile elements

Pillow, sofa throw or bedspread can make a good complement to interior colour scheme.

A combination of pillows and sofa throw in various colours and patterns can make a mono colour scheme rooms looks lively. While a subtle grey tone bedspread otherwise can neutralize a busy bedroom.

6. Rug

Rug can be used to achieve similar effects to fabric textile but on the floor. Sometimes instead of replacing tremendous existing floor tile with timber floor to get the warm ambiance we want, a simple placement of rug with suitable size, colour and pattern can get the job done.

Keep in mind to experience personal touch feeling of different fabric materials like nylon, polypropylene, acrylic, polyester, wool, or cotton that has different characters and softness to individual liking.

7. Art painting and graphic picture frame

Always been ignore by many, fine art paintings or graphic printed picture is a good decoration tools that can be an alternative for carpentry feature wall panels.

Art painting considered cheaper while more flexible as we can re position them from rooms to rooms, or re composite them with other graphic prints to form a wall gallery.

We can get a printed version of original art printing nowadays in most art gallery. Do take a look what we have here also that is hand painted art painting that remain its intuitive texture of artist broke stroke.

More interior design decoration tips and tricks continue reading next article here

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