How To Get Home Renovation Done Within 38k Budget?

38k malaysian home renovation budget

In a ever increasing inflation impacts on construction workers and material costs, home owners always lack of sufficient renovation savings needed for their new home renovation.

With limited budget, how can we make a good choice on expending at the right renovation items that will make a comfortable home?

Tips For Getting Home Renovation Done 

Throughout our tremendous design experience with our customers who came with different demands, here are our tips for home owners who wish for getting things done with minimum costs.

1. Identify Essential Items

First and foremost, home owners need to wisely allocate their available costs onto the essential and feel good items such as nice dining table set, comfortable sofa, soft beddings, multi functional kitchen cabinet, adequate storage space, a few designer lighting and cooling air condition that is important for Malaysian in particular.

Do thorough searching and comparisons to different qualities and costs of each items on the market, create a simple excel sheet to records and get the estimated total costs on these important items.

2. Ready Made Furniture

Since the budget are limited, it is good choice to opt for ready made furniture instead of build ins cabinets, IKEA, Muji and some online shopping websites are good sources for  valuable home furniture.

One thing needed to take note are the size and material of these furniture should able to fit in our home space and colour scheme.

3. Simplify Colour Scheme

Speaking about colour scheme, we suggest cleverly limiting overall colours to 3 main colours on each room. Mono and earth tone materials or colours like black, white, grey and brown can blend into the design scheme effortlessly.

For more clues on how to blend in a good colour scheme for your house, follow the rule of 10/30/60 for selecting the right accent, secondary and main colours.

As the name of this rule suggests, your dominant shade will cover about 60% of the room. Since it plays such a large role in your design, you may want this to be your most neutral choice. The dominant shade is a good choice for things like your wall color and floor coverings. Then, your secondary shade can be a bit bolder and is usually fit for furniture. Finally, your accent color is your boldest choice and can be found in accessories.

4. Embrace Expose Ceiling

Plaster ceiling is one of the first thing come across our mind when thinking about home renovation. While it is nice to have them with conceal light cove, yet they will also take away a large sum of our limited costs.

Thus, why don’t we think differently to find ways on appreciate the bare natural beauty of existing ceiling slabs and beam structures and adapt our home design with them?

Made good use of track lightings and pendant lights on different areas, you will be surprised how minimum cost you can achieve the desired living ambiance.

Practical 38k Budget Allocation for 1000 sqft Malaysian Home

Here is our suggestion on how much to allocate for the main renovation items in practical manners. Hope this simple chart can give you some enlightenments 🙂

budget home interior design malaysia

  1. Wall painting and wall paper – RM 2500
  2. Additional power sockets and lighting points – RM 3000
  3. Surface mounted down lights, track spot lights and designer lightings – RM 2500
  4. Ceiling Fans plus Air condition for Living Room and Master Bedroom – RM 5000
  5. Kitchen cabinets and sanitary ware – RM 9000
  6. Ready made TV cabinet, storage cabinets plus wardrobes and bed frames for master bedroom and bedroom 2 – RM 9500
  7. Curtains and blinds – RM 3000
  8. Sofa set – RM 3500

Total Cost : RM 38000.00

Note: this budget excluded secondary loose furniture, appliances and soft furnishings.

Learn about how to identify Essential and Secondary furniture at our another write up about How to Rationalize Home Renovation Budgets?

Recommended Budget Allocation for Designer Home Unit

Having better budget for a Designer Home? Then we have a even more comprehensive guidelines on how to allocate renovation budget, take a look at our article below 🙂

GetIDonline renovation budget guides

Essential Home Renovation Budgeting Guidelines

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