Soho Home Design Guideline with Panorama 360 View !!

Soho home bed area design Malaysia

Soho Unit has been converted mostly for airbnb home stay in Malaysia. Yet the small build up areas of soho unit actually is a good paradise for young citizen to treat it as private home or weekend home as well.

With carefully space planning and allocations of functional storage and appliances, this can be a comfortable and affordable sweet home for many who works at city center.

As essential public amenities and markets are well co existed within walking distance, LRT and Grab cars can be conveniently accessible that help soho owners saving precious hours and expenses from heavy traffic congestion, parking hassle and car maintenance.

Zoning Out The Space

Soho home dining area design Malaysia

We can divide the interior space into few KEY zones. Essentially there should be Bedding, TV Entertainment, Dining, Kitchen and Cloth Storage Areas.

One important note while configuring the suitable zones for these areas is we need to visualise how we tend to use the spaces base on our daily routines and habits. Firstly, we can organise them base on the usage sequences and time durations we spend on these areas. Secondly, we can position them base on the working flows we will have among these spaces.

Dedicated Lighting and Storage Allocations

Soho home tv area design Malaysia

Each Areas can have different lighting schemes to suits different nature of activities. For an examples, bedding area can have adjustable LED downlight or table lamps. While kitchen can have brighter day light ceiling and cabinet build in lighting especially on cooking hob and basin area.

Same as storage allocation on different zones base on their particular actitivies needs. Sleeping area can equiped with drawers on bed side cabinets for books, spectacles and watches. Clothing wardrobes can be positioned near bathroom base on easy reachable principle.

Where are the Wardrobes?

Soho home kitchen area design Malaysia

One Design Tips for finding suitable position for wardrobe at soho home is we can find ways to blend them with other storage cabinets or furniture by using the same materials and matching colours.

As soho unit has limited space for luxurious separate walk in wardrobe area. We can opt for concealed build ins wardrobe so they appear as part of the wall. This will create cluster free, simple and eye friendly living environment.

Final Thoughts

So will you opt for soho home in the city instead of landed terrace house at outskirts? If it is thoughtfully design, soho can be a great home too!

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