3D Illustrations View vs 3D Rendering View

3D Illustrations View vs 3D Rendering View

Thanks for sending inquiries to us, here are the essential interior design elements we will provide in our 3D illustration and rendering view.

3D Illustrations View will showcase the items below:

  • the interior design scheme of selected area/ room.
  • all essential colors and materials proposal that fits the overall color scheme.
  • feature wall paneling design proposal.
  • types and storage compartment allocation of all build ins cabinets.
  • ceiling design proposal.
  • type of main light fixtures proposal.
  • drawn to scale furniture versus rooms size helps to visualize the proportional balance and spatial quality of the selected area/ room.
  • loose furniture type and color selection proposal.
  • some decorations suggestion helps to envisage potential usage of storage cabinet and decorative shelving.

3D Rendering View will showcase the items below:

  • real life material colour and surface finishing effects.
  • lighting scheme and color ambience proposal.
  • Three dimensional light and shadow effects.
  • lighting effects of proposed types of lighting fixtures to interior spaces.


Our 3D Illustration View will shows the most essential elements property owner needs to visual the interior design scheme and information needed for renovation works even without the 3D Rendering Addons.

Thus you won’t need to get RM 50.00 per 3D Rendering Addons for all areas. In fact, you just need the visualization of 3D rendering on essential areas like living room, dry kitchen, master bedroom, etc.

These are the areas you wish to see the real life lighting and material color scheme effects before carrying on the renovation works. This will in turns save some expenses and also waiting time for 3D rendering process.

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