Shop Interior Design Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

A clean and pure whitish colour scheme with an vibrant colour glass wall panel near reception area to bring out the elegant image of a skin care shop cum office.

office reception interior design 3D Kuala Lumpur

Dining Room Home Interior Design Malaysia

A tropical theme dining room interior design with warm timber finished furniture and wall cabinets.

Louver blind used to shade the sun lights into the living space.

Bedroom Interior Design Alam Impian

Carefully selection of curtain pattern and colour plus the illusion effect achieved by mirror panels input some living sense to the calm bedroom interior design.

Bathroom Interior Design 3D Malaysia

Cleanliness and tidiness are the key consideration on bathroom interior design.

Wet Kitchen Design 3D Shah Alam

Wet kitchen interior design with a mixture of different materials that has different texture and colour to stimulate excitement of daily cooking fun.

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