15 Affordable tips and tricks for home design renovation

Affordable way for beautiful home interior design

Here are some more tips and tricks to get budget home renovation nicely done without blowing our bank.

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8. Less build ins more ready made loose furniture

Many of us like full height build ins cabinets as they are good storage solutions that make full use of the vertical wall area.

Yet, we always recommend to keep the build ins cabinet or feature wall to minimum. Apart from its comparably higher cost than loose furniture, build ins tend to occupy many space and make rooms feel smaller.

Loose furniture has advantages of portability, flexibility in layout arrangement and adaptability on it functions for occasional event usages.

We advise to keep build ins options for kitchen and wardrobe. These build ins will pre define the space planning of our home layout most of the time. Then with carefully selection of various types, colours and design styles of loose furniture to complement with them into a well blending design scheme.

9. Curtain as divider

This might not appear in everyone mind, but sliding curtain can be a good tool for space divider!

It is cheaper compare to build in partition, yet it can be easily slide in and out to define how long we want it to divide our space.

Imagine curtain can be half way slides out to become cabinet divider, it can also be fully slide out to separate single big space into two functional areas. This is especially suitable for turning study room into temporary bedroom when there are overnight guests.

10. Wallpaper as wall defining tool

Yes, wallpaper ! no doubt for us how easy and affordable wallpaper can instantly turn our regular rooms into a whole new beautiful world.

Most of the wallpaper is done with lining paper that has a regular repeating pattern design with different surface texture. It styles differently from the country it originated like Korea, Italy, German, Japan, etc.

We recommend apply wallpaper to portion or full area of single wall in a room or area instead of cover them to all walls. Wallpaper can be a good tool helps to define or re focus the essential wall within interior room.

11. Wall mural as Feature Wall

Wall mural has similar advantages like wallpaper. It is printed on lining paper with full blown graphic design or photographic digitally without repetitive pattern compare to wallpaper.

Due to this character, wall mural is good design material to turn a full plain wall into visually appealing feature wall inside our home especially in living room, dining area, bedroom and study area.

wall mural Malaysia

12. Timber lamination or vinyl floor

Floor covering is the second major surface after interior walls that has significant effects on the overall design and ambiance of a house interior design.

If cost is our budget concerns, we suggest considering a timber lamination or vinyl floor if we are planning replace our existing floor surface. They are easily installed and can cover existing floor surface without major hacking works.

Nowadays, these floor materials has come with wide options of surface texture, colours and patterns in a low price that can blend into our home design scheme with a good sense of colour matching.

13. Designer furniture and lighting fixture

Don’t underestimate the design effects when you purchase loose items like table, chair, storage cabinet, lighting fixture during home renovation sessions. A suitable selections of designer furniture and lighting fixture can take our home design into next level.

We don’t need much of these designer’s collections as they tend to be expensive although it is worthy and well spend for sure. 1 to 3 nos of these will sufficient for a complete and trendy room design.

14. Personal collection as decor pieces

Don’t put your personal collections you hunt from traveling trips into just a single display cabinet. But treat them as decoration pieces and spread them in different areas in the house. Remember to sort them into groups base on its styles and sizes for different rooms.

By doing this, you will find your home more intimate and belonging as every areas fill with memories of our life journey. This will create a better conversation sources too next time our beloved guests knock on our door.

15. Plants

Do put natural plant into your shopping list during our home design brain storming process.

Our earth need more green and plants can bring in lively freshness into our home living without much efforts.

When selecting suitable plants for our home, take note on different type of plant containers like ceramic pot, glass vases, hanging basket, sewing bag that will have different visual effects on how its appears on interior space.

Finally, thanks for stay with us on this long article, hope it help you much.

Do take further reading here at GetIDonline Home Interior Design Tips , there will be design inspirations you can get over here and we will update them periodically.

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