Different Design Theme will make your Home Living Feel Diversely

Industrial Living Room Design Malaysia

Different interior design scheme will suits different group of house owners who wish their home design to speak the same language to their preferred living style.

Here are some examples we done for our honorable client who seek our help to create different theme for the same living room area. This enable them easily decide which one to go without wasting precious time and cost right before their actual home renovation.

Scandinavian Living Room Design Malaysia

This is a Scandinavian design theme approach with adequate open display shelvings for their personal collections.

Scandinavian Living Area Design Malaysia

The careful selection of colours and materials for graphical tv glass panel and display cabinets to ensure they will match the colour of other loose furniture and soft furnishing around.

Industrial Living Room Design Malaysia

This is another Industrial mix Nature Earth design theme that is more clean and young looks yet still provide minimum needs of wall shelvings and storage cabinets.

Industrial Living Area Design Malaysia

Colours has been tune down to more natural earth tone and the light source temperature has been adjusted to warmer kelvin to create different lighting ambiance.



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