Home Interior Design And Renovation Process Guidelines

Get your new home key yet have no clues on the process of engaging an interior designer and how is the interior design fee charges?

Here is a brief guidelines so you can make up decisions to what extent you need an interior designer’s assistance and how much you can save while engaging some of their design services.

interior design process Malaysia Singapore

As shown on the table above, there are basically 5 phases of interior design and renovation process.

If you value your time more than design fee you paid out, by engaging an interior designer to manage the works for whole process, you will get a hand free design renovation experience and spend your valued time on other productive business.

Ways to Save Design Fee yet still having good interior design outcome

While if you wish to save some, by understanding the scope of works involve in these 5 design stages, you can actually involve yourself on some of the works and engage the interior designer only for the works that needs their utmost design professional inputs.

A simple way is by engaging interior designer only for the schematic design phase and make your own efforts on sourcing different suppliers and materials, while coordinating with contractors during the construction tender and implementation phases.

As the essential key in the whole design renovation process is to made sure you have the right space planning layout and interior design scheme that suits your needs, lifestyle and budget. 

For the works involved in design development and detail documentation phases, a experienced contractors has the ability to translate the proposed design scheme into actual build ups, they can actually come out with necessary information and drawings for your confirmation before commence their relevant renovation works.

Thus, by engaging GetIDonline on the initial schematic design proposal, you can save up to 70% comparably if engage a full interior design services.

You can always engage us for some necessary works on material selection and detail drawings shall your need it later.

Don’t need to look further, take a look here the benefits of engaging our freelance ID service for your beautiful home design.

What can GetIDonline assists you to achieve your interior design goals

  • you save some design fee and spend these saving for better renovation materials and craftsmanship.
  • you can choose and refine your preferred interior design scheme in the first hand before engaging a contractor
  • By showing our design drawings to contractors will enable them to give you a more accurate quotations.
  • You can easily make comparison and clarification on submitted renovation costs from different contractors, as they are quoted based on the same design.

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