Sweet Forest Cafe Branding Design

Sweet Forest Cafe Drinking Bar Counter Design

Cafe chains have been become a favourite place not just for delicious foods and beverages, yet also an escaping haven from working generations for temperary mind refreshing and retreats.

More and more sales marketeers treat cafe as their meeting venue as unique interior design of cafe always encourage a relaxing business discussion environment with their customers.

Sweet Forest Cafe Drinking Bar Counter Design

This is our design scheme for Sweet Forest Cafe that is now a viral place in the town. The first design touch is having a earth tone colour scheme throughout the dining space.

The exposed ceiling is painted with mocha brown colour that blend in with all graphite wiring tracking and suspended lighting system. This made the whole cafe design elements flourish under one uniform sky.

cafe red brick feature wall design

Drinking bar is placed at dominated focus point within the cafe, adjacent with eye catching and spot lighted red brick feature wall that separate the dining area and main kitchen.

Vibrant Yellow is applied at part of the drinking bar backdrop as an accent to energize the cafe environment.

Cafe dining seating arrangement and space planning

We has carefully layout the space planning with different types of seating arrangement in order to create a smooth operating walk flow and different dining zones that suits different dinners from young generations, family member and businessman.

All cafe tables are treated with grainy timber lamination finish grouping together with few types of selected chairs. Each table sets are illuminated with suspended lighting fixture right above them.

With these arrangement, a pleasant dining experience will ensure favorite dish being served in delightful ways.

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