Before and After 3D Kitchen Design Malaysia

Malaysia Kitchen Design Before After 01

Kitchen is one of the main area in our beloved home where is the place we spend a great portion of our time while we are at home.

A well design kitchen can be a multi purposed space that we can carry out many different activities here. For instances, we can treat it as our quick breakfast place. Mom can invite neighbor for a social chit chating while sharing baking session together right at kitchen too.

Malaysia Kitchen Design Before After 01

Family members can use bar counter at kitchen for study place or ad hoc working area too with a cup of coffee and great background music as complement.

We always encourage and guide our customers and friends to seriously spend time thought about proper kitchen layout and storage organization for their kitchen. They will find every cents being spend well worth if their kitchen is build fitted to their family daily routine and provide extra functional space for them.

Malaysia Kitchen Design Before After 02

Hope you enjoy these before and after photos showing our kitchen design 3D proposal versus their actual build outcome, let’s make our kitchen a functional yet effective family activities zone!

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