How to rationalize home renovation budget?

reno budget

Did you always worry running out of budget for your home renovation?

Can you achieve what you intend to do with current cash on hand?

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while budgeting your upcoming renovation:

1. Prioritize your budget on essential things

Always put your budget first and foremost for main building or interior layout re structural, M&E service works, floor, wall and ceiling finishing. These are the essential building elements we will find most troublesome to do once we settle in the home living after the completion of initial renovation works.

Getting ready extra electrical point, copper and discharge pipe for air condition, power points for cooker hod, exhausted hood and refrigerator, tv, astro, telephone points and even speaker audio wiring. You will find no regret after you have done this in initial renovation phase.

Made essential build ins cabinets like kitchen and wardrobes the main priority shall there is renovation cost constraints currently.

2. List out Secondary Items

After the main budget is allocated for these important elements, we can then consider how we can enhance our home design with other secondary elements such as appliances, curtain & blinds, storage cabinets, feature walls and loose furniture like sofa, coffee table, side table, chairs.

Secondary elements can always be there next time you have savings for them, so put them into Waiting Lists and get our savings habits running.

3. Carry out renovation works phase by phase

There is no word that everyone has to carry out their renovation only once. In fact, most people will discover new ideas and different intimate needs after they actually live into and get familiar with their living environment.

So why don’t get the building layout done correctly first, live in and let the inspirations come in. Your home is your living haven, we spend more than 10 hours a day at our home, the better you care for the better it will fit your living.

Be Patient, as achieving a just fit home design is a life long implementing process.

Different stage of life and events will have different needs for what a comfortable home will be.

Talk to your designer, they will willing to assist you to achieve your renovation goals phase by phase.

4. Get help from designer periodically

Yes, tell your designer your exact current budget, intact ideas and renovation intentions in mind, mention to them you want to carry out the works step by step if you running out of budget.

It is not necessary to engage interior designer for their full services. Pay your designer for a better interior layout and design scheme. Getting the main building and interior re- structural and M&E works done first.

Then move in and live in your new home. Keep exploring new ideas and discover the good and bad points from your daily living while saving for next renovation budget.

You can always seek your designer’s helps for design scheme on room by room on the next renovations.

Along the way, you will find it is a fun journey to make your sweet home much complete step by step.

Ready for more, continue reading on our sharing on Essential Home Renovation Budgeting Guidance you will be overwhelming surprise by it!

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