Essential Home Renovation Budgeting Guidance

First time home buyers might overwhelming helpless and clueless looking at their bare house unit. Without knowing how to start their home renovation journey is a painful feeling while having excitement on getting close to ones dream home.

We would like to help up with our initiative write up on How to rationalize home renovation budget? This works as the first guidance so home owners acknowledge the importance of finding the balance workout between a sweet home design versus reasonable renovation budget.

Fulfilling Home Design Journey

With the rational thoughts in minds, home owners can start their searching on different home design schemes, building materials and home furnishing and furniture in the markets. Having some basic knowledge on these elements will make it easier for home owner to communicate with their designers, suppliers and contractors later on.

Recommended Budget Allocation

Condominium apartment renovation budget guideline

We have generate a simple renovation budget infographic here as a quick guidelines for home renovation cost allocation. It show a average estimation costs and the ratio for each renovation items for condominium or apartment units especially.

As shown on the data, build ins carpentry works is the major cost for every home renovations. We can decide to what extent we spend on wall paintings, plaster ceiling and lighting design scheme to fit within our budget.

Yet we need to set aside some budget for must do elements like air condition, electrical wiring and plumbing works.

Fundamental Home Budgeting Practise

Here are some quick lists to check that will help to clear our puzzles on home renovation budget:

1. put everything into a scaled furniture layout plan

A drawn to scale and dimension furniture layout plan is a must and will help home owners realize what they can do and can’t do. Take a look at our post on how a carefully thought out space planning and furniture arrangement can help to  maximize space usage of your home and fit in your desired living routines.

2. shortlist the essential items as mentioned above and Set aside untouchable budget for them.

This will help us to figure out the balance we have to other secondary items likes wallpaper, timber floor, designer light fixtures and home decorations

3. ask for costs, pros and cons on different materials like base materials of timber cabinet panel, counter top, timber floor, wall tiles, etc.

Decide only which materials to have once you understand their inherent cost and quality comparably.

Ply wood base and melamine base cabinet cascades have their own pros and cons. For dry areas, melamine base cabinet can be considered to reduce the build ins cost while keep the design intact.

4. make a list of loose furniture and appliances with their price like bed, sofa, dining set, curtains, tv, cooking hob, exhaust hood, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

These are items that vary largely depend on their brands, material quality, extra feature and design.

5. don’t hurry so you won’t regret on items you spend

Home owners should enjoy their very own home renovation journey by taking initiative involvements on each home design and renovation phases the more you explore the closer you can get to your dream home design.

Hope these sharing helps to bring you some fresh ideas on how you can achieve a sweet home too. Do join in our facebook discussion group GetIDonline for further sharing by us and the group members.

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