Let’s Calculate The Value of Interior Design

value of interior design Malaysia

Most of us will stay in current home for more than 5 years before decide to move to a new home or redo current home design again.

Ever since we are going to live in our home for considerable long periods, it is wise to put interior design into part of renovation budgets rather than ignore it.

We should treat interior design as an investment to improve our daily living environment. As it will in turns helping to make our home more belonging and pleasant space.

Let’s make a quick calculation on the value of interior design.

GetIDonline Home Design Package – RM 1355.00

Foreseen staying 5 years or 60 months

Average cost for ID over 5 years:
– 1355/ 60 = RM 22.60 per month

So it will cost RM 22.60 per month averagely to get interior design input. Our home will become a beloved escape channel away from our demanding daily working life.

Do you think it is worth spending

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Home Design Package Malaysia Singapore

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