First Floor Family Area or Study Area?

study room design Malaysia

Most Malaysian will find it difficult to utilize the first floor family area at typical terrace house. Many of us will just treat it as family TV entertainment area.

We need to find some creative ways to make full use of family area. Try thinking on how this space can contribute and adding extra convenience to our daily life routine will bring us some ideas.

first floor family area design

Zoning out the family area

How about separate family area into few zones? By creating a divider partition and turning the staircase walkway into a family photos display gallery?

With additional new spot lighting and decors enhancement, this gallery walkway will motivate us every time passing by the stairway.

photo gallery design at family area

Distraction free study area

Space behind the gallery wall can be the study room on its own. Turning the family area into a separate study room is a good option shall we need a quiet study or working area.

As if we put study table in the corner of bedroom, we will unavoidably interrupt the sleeping comfort of our family members.

study room design Malaysia

More storage more functions

Another plus addons, we can build a combo of storage and display cabinet for our collections, files and books on selected wall. A simple tricks like this will increase our home storage capacity.

study book shelve and cabinet design

With these ideas, we can make the family area a worthwhile and attractive place that brings additional sweet zones to our home compounds.

Be creative and think differently, Sweet home is where our soul live 🙂

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