Airbnb Home Design Guidelines

Malaysian Airbnb Home Design Guidelines

Let’s take a deep look into Malaysian Airbnb Home Design thingy, don’t we?

What is the comfortable investment cost ones should put on their first batch of design and renovation expenses?

Rationally it should be around 30k for a 900 sqft unit. The Ideas behind is we can break even in less than 2 years if execute properly.

Not forget Airbnb home owner still need to set aside some funds for normal day operation, upgrading and maintenance costs.

Malaysian Airbnb Home Design Ideas

Here are our suggestions for getting professional Airbnb home design done within the budget range:

1. Minimize Plaster Ceiling Covering Ratio

Plaster ceiling is popular among home owners while thinking of renovation. Yet with a mind on budget, It is wise not to fully cover the whole unit with plaster ceiling.

There are some extra benefits for not having plaster ceiling. As It will lower down ceiling height that will make the space feel small.

Secondly, expose ceiling is getting design trend currently especially for hospitality leisure home. It has more visualy attractions.

2. Make Use of Track Lightings

So how can we do with general lighting if without plaster ceiling? No place for standard LED downlight?

First rule of thumb is to make full use of existing natural sunlights. Try consider double layer window curtains of silk screen and night curtains. This will brighten up the interior spaces with minimum efforts.

Then, we can explore the beauty of trendy track spot lightings. when properly organized and blend into the overall design colour scheme, Track lightings can create a wow appealing lighting effects together with the natural light source.

Malaysian Airbnb Interior Design Ideas

3. Say No to Build Ins

The only build ins we need is kitchen cabinet. While there will not be heavy cooking in Airbnb Home, IKEA kitchen series can be considered too.

Ready made loose cabinet and furniture have an advantage of easy adaptation on layout and design refreshment from time to time.

With properly mix and matching arrangment with other decoration items, loose cabinets are while worth their costs.

4. Be Creative with Wall Painting, Wall Murals and Wall Papers

The most effective design material we can have are wall painting and wall papers. Be artist minded on creating some graphical linear wall colour patterns at Living and Bedroom Walls. You will be proud of how artistic your inner heart are.

If you looking for more, wall murals can create unique design that will boost your Airbnb presence and impressive branding at instagram sosial sharing

5. Greenery Is Best Decorations

Most visitors are tourists so some green plants and flower pots placement around the home corners or at essential areas like dining and kitchen will make tourist groups delight and wanting to come 🙂

Malaysian Airbnb Bedroom Design Ideas

Essential Home Renovation Budget Guides

For Fresh home owner who have no clue on how to estimate renovation budget they should have, take a look at our comprehensive home renovation budget infographic guide here.

You will be enlighten with what we share.

We will be happy to share our design thinking with anyone. Do join our GetIDonline Home Lovers Group below:

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You can look for suggestions and helps from the members, for all things related to home design and renovations.

Members will share happening design products and furnishings on this group too that will be interesting to you.

More Home Design Tips Below 🙂

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