Small Startup Office Design With Effective Space Planning and Modern Concept

Mont Kiara Office Reception Area Design Concept

This is a 1350 sqft. office for small startup firm with necessary office functional rooms catered for different working activities.

Office Space Planning

With designed in mind to meet customer’s briefings, this office was designed with a simple and clean space planning in mind.

Mont Kiara Office Space Planning Layout Plan

As a service oriented company, frequent meeting activities has been carried out daily basis for various projects. Thus, a large and premium meeting room has made to be the most prominent room within the office space.

This meeting room was placed against existing windows to ensure proper lighting brightness ambiance with mixture of natural sun light and artificial lighting scheme.

Mont Kiara Manager Room Design Concept

Office partitions have been carefully thought with introduction of both full height clear glass panels and solid timber partitions to dedicated walls.

Full height white board cabinet been used as space divider between Reception and Meeting Room. Each side of this cabinet provide unique functional usages, one as reception feature wall and with opposite side treated as white board and storage cabinets for meeting room. This helped to maximize space usage of available office area and also keep privacy of meeting room activities intact from office visitors.

Clear glass panels on the other hand encourage internal office interactions among different rooms while minimize the sense of tightness to the small office space.

Reception Identity Design

Reception counter and feature wall backdrop has been shaped with dedicated chamfered edging profile. This kept the walkway unobstructed while giving visual directional clues to guide visitors walking into office space after entering from office main door.

This triangular chamfered profile has become a main design elements for the reception areas. We applied the same triangular details to the ceiling and stainless steel wall panelings along the reception area.

Mont Kiara Office Pantry Design Concept

This will create design identity and impression to the visitors and enhance space playfulness that can encourage staff working spirits virtually.

Meeting Room Design Approach

Mont Kiara Office Conference Room Design Concept

While keeping main color scheme throughout the office interior fresh whitish and bright as requested by the client. We introduced darker red color into the Meeting Room as main accents color.

This help to emphasize the prominent role of meeting room among office spaces while keep the overall office color scheme interesting and unique.

Black leather textural lamination and dark red solid timber edging have been selected for the center meeting table. This further enhance the uniqueness of the meeting room design and differentiated it to other office areas.

Mont Kiara Office Meeting Design Concept

Full white board glass panelings were placed on both side walls of the meeting room. While providing a convenient space for ideas sketching and brainstorming functions during meeting sessions, these white board glass panelings also made meeting room felt larger due to their natural 3 dimensional reflective effects.

Office Floor Material Selections

Different floor materials been selected for reception, general office areas, manager room and meeting room to identify different functional working zones.

While keeping the color range of these carpets and porcelain tiles within matching mono grey tones, darker grey tone was selected for meeting room while lighter grey tones applied for other areas to increase interesting color zoning among each office areas.

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  1. Thank you for the amazing article. You made my day. I was looking for how I can decorate my office. Your guide is amazing. I appreciate you. Now I have a clear idea of how to layout and set up the partitions.


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