Turning Small Bedroom into Family Study Room With Ease

Lush Executive Condominium Study Table Design

L shape study table is placed along window wall to fulfill the 4 study seating request of the owner.

Careful design thought on this small study room is indeed important in order to make good use of the available build up area.

Lush Executive Condominium Study Room Layout Plan

With concerns to minimize the spatial tightness of study room and maximize the incoming of natural lights, few simple wall hanging shelves are introduced on both sides of walls instead of solid wall hanging cabinets.

This helps to retain the three dimensional space without being block visually yet fulfilling storage needs simultaneously.

Lush Executive Condominium Study Area Design

Full height build ins cabinet is fitted into the existing recessed wall corner for additional storage space without tighten up the space. While doing this, we further divided this cabinet into few different sections accommodating for different types of storage and display needs.

Two large notice cork boards area also placed opposite on each turquoise green painted side walls as the visual featuring spots. They encourage showcase of family activities photos and creations. This intuitively turning the study room into a energetic and interactive family area.

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