Rawang Scandinavian Living Room Design Scheme

Rawang Residence Living Area Design

What is the design theme you prefer for your sweet home. Our customers for this double terrace house particularly like to have Scandinavian design theme for their new home.

Home Design Idea & Directions

We fill in the interior space with various light pastel colours such as pastel yellow, green and purple! Complimentary blending them together with light timber elements and white window framing to form a sweet and playful color swatches.

Rawang living layout

While keeping the existing floor tile in tact to meet the owner’s budget, we installed new timber vinyl floor to kitchen area to achieve zoning impacts among main open areas at ground floor level.

Furthermore, a new classical pattern floor tile also being installed between dining area and kitchen to create transitional interests when passing by these areas.

Rawang Residence Living Room Design

A small touch, We also encouraged owner to place a low pedestal behind the sofa for door keys placement and seasonal holiday displays.

Pleasing Aesthetic Visuals & Lighting Mixture Is The Key For Better Home Living Environment

Next to the staircase area, a eye catching wall painting hanging on the empty yet prominent wall facing directly to the main entrance. This simple trick give a visual emotional boost to family members upon returning home from busy daily works.

OSB wood feature wall panel is introduced aligning to the center line of dining table sets and pendant lights. A simple yet useful attached timber shelving is designed for art paintings and family photos to enhance an unique dining experience.

Connecting Dining & Living Area

Rawang Residence Dining Area Design

We suggest the home owner to select a sofa configuration of three seater sofa and a single arm chair. We think this will be the best option after considering on better space planning and smooth household activities work flows. This seating arrangement also suitable for the small family needs without overcrowding the living area.

To fulfill occasional needs for extra seating at living area, long timber dining bench is placed at one side of dining table. This double up it usage as additional seating available for inviting guests also.

Make Dry Kitchen A Better Place!

The L shape kitchen cabinet has been thoughtfully compartment adjusted to maximize its storage ratio while ensure adequate working top area for daily cooking and dish washing activities.

Rawang Residence Kitchen Design

Metal framed glass partition is separating the kitchen to keep away cooking smokes from entering other living compounds yet maintaining the visual connections among the ground floor spaces.

Double swing glass doors is selected so it can be opened sideway most of the time and allow an unobstructed pathway to encourage free flow interactions among family members between kitchen and living areas.

Light Pastel Colours Can Make Compact Kitchen Appears Tidy & Clean.

Pastel purple wall paint is selected on the prominent wall that can be seen from the living area. This help visually extend to connect kitchen area to dining and living areas. It make the whole ground floor open areas looks wider and intact.

Light grayish timber laminated tall cabinet for build in oven blending in nicely with adjacent white kitchen cabinets to ensure the kitchen feels comfortable and bright upon our eyes.

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