Rawang Scandinavian Master Bedroom Design

Rawang Residence Master Bedroom Design

Master Bedroom is the most intimate and occupied space inside our home most of the time. We spend one half of our time here daily. It is wise to rethink proper arrangement and types of furniture and loose items to suit our preference.

In order to accommodate this bedroom owners of having a resting window long bench and open wardrobe concept, we thoughtfully arrange the suitable position and orientation of dressing table, wall storage and loose furniture in a way to avoid any obstacles for smooth walking flow on every corners of the bedroom.

Bedroom Layout Arrangement

Rawang master layout

King size bed with round side tables set are placed right at middle of the main wall of the bedroom. This help to clear out an empty space at door entry area to make the master bed feel welcoming and uncrowded.

A dedicated Home shape timber bed head is placed at middle of the room instantly create a playful & romantic sleeping environment.

Light timber vinyl flooring is installed on the existing floor tile to transform the colour scheme of the bedroom. Different texture impacts due to the floor finish while step into the bedroom from the family hall instantly make us feel much warm and belonging.

Dressing & Wardrobe Area

Rawang Residence Master Dressing Area Design

Open Wardrobe is divided into top & bottom configuration with bottom compartment being covered with grey tecture sliding curtain to keep away dusts and retaining the privacy needs.

Colourful storage boxes can be placed on the uppper open compartment tidily and well keep for different categories of clothes and daily goods.

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