Modern Bedroom Activities Zoning for Young Professional Man

19 Residence Son Bedroom A

Space Planning is the Key to achieve comfortable bedroom setups

Base on the existing bedroom set up by developer such as room shape, doors and windows position, we proposed a new timber divider at the middle of the room to define the room space into 2 activities zones. As a result, we can easily access the walk in wardrobe and bathroom at the right hand, or the sleeping and study area at the left hand area while walking in from the bedroom door.

This is a bedroom for a professional young man. So we positioned the bed set and working table near the window for maximum natural light at the sam time ensuring an unobstructed the walking flow in the bedroom.

19 Residence Bedroom layout plan

Bedroom Lighting Scheme Selection

Medium cold white lighting scheme is chosen for the bedroom as the man prefer a more resort like ambiance setup than widely lighted bright ambiance.

In order to achieve the preferred lighting ambiance, we catered a concealed ceiling lighting above the bed feature wall and also the drop ceiling above working table.

19 Residence Son Bedroom B

Downlights are dedicately position right above display wall shelvings and working table to highlight few essential spots within the bedroom.

We designed a three dimensional subtlely protruding feature wall panels. This will create interesting light and shadow effects that will make the areas feel energetic.

19 Residence Walk In Wardrobe

Bedroom Main and Secondary Colour Scheme

The colour scheme of this bedroom was keep to neural homogeneous tones. White Ash timber lamination is chosen for the main feature wall to match nicely with the dark oak timber vinyl flooring.

The secondary cabinet colours are limited to black and white while providing visual complement to the bedroom colour scheme.

Mirror panel is applied onto one of the wardrobe sliding doors. While providing practical needs for daily dressing, this mirror door can also provide interesting spatial visual impacts to the walk in wardrobe area.

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