A Complementary Place for Online Business Product Showcase

customer service and product showcase center

Online shopping has gradually become essential part of new generation’s habit due to its convenient and cashless payment process.

Mystery of Online Commercials

While running commercial online cutting tremendous business cost of setting up many physical shops for products sales and exposure, there are still many elements missing that fails to maintain the customers engagement. As lacking of customer service experience and actual get hold and touch the physical products make many of us feel less secure and trusts to the products offers.

More and more online business owners are adware of the importance and a needs for a space to boost interactions and trusts with their royal customers. This spaces are not just catered for customer service and product showcase for complete the customer shopping experience while also a venue for marketing event and social media exposure.

Marketing Space for Better Engagement

Thus, we believe a Young & Dynamic Design Scheme is always a well implementation for these customer interactive center. The professional done space planning on zoning out different nature of space usage to achieve hassle- free and clear indication of spatial function to the visiting customers is the Key to ensure these centers play its roles on supporting the online business needs.

We can categories the center into few main key zones like customer service counters, product pick up counter, ordering counter, a few private customer meeting rooms, product showcase areas, product testing areas and also some hot deskings for on the spot online transactions since these are set up for online business nature.

Then we can position and connect these different zones one a well planned traffic flows to guide the visitors exploring and experience different product showcases offered throughout the center.

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