Space planning How-tos for having desirable Guest and Family Living Room

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Many home owners feel helpless on keeping their living areas clean and cluster free. Troublesome to keep the living tidy daily is a unachievable tasks to many of us. This make us feel desperately not able to inviting friends for gathering at our home.

One solution is to have a separate guest and family living. This will be easier for us to maintain a comfortable guest living for visiting guests.

For small home with limited space, it is a good alternative idea to treat our dining area as family living too while having the main living as guest living room.

Well Thought Out Space Planning

Let us explore various ways to create separate guest and family living. First and foremost, we will need to determine a correct space planning and furniture layout for these two areas.

One main guideline is to visualize the walking flows around the guest living and family living areas. This will help us to determine the appropriate position for main furniture like TV cabinet, storage cabinets and sofa seating.

Try avoid placing things on the main walking flow zone to ensure smooth free flows between both living areas and adjacent areas like dining area, lounge and stairways. This will increase the comfortable and interactive ratio between these areas too.

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Minimize Distractive Elements

Shall you prefer a distraction fee environment for guest living, try minimize the existence of av players in guest living.

A simple wall mounted speakers for soothing background music is enough to make guest living a great place for immersive reading sessions and entertaining visiting guests.

TV and Audio System can be placed in Family Living for daily family entertainment and gathering. Sound insulation wall panels can be chosen as main wall treatments to control the sound leakage spill over to guest living.

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Sound Insulation and Lighting Ambience

Moreover, a sliding glass door or swing door is essential to keep the media sounds from flowing out to guest living while maintain the desired volume within the family living.

Finally, a bonus tips to further improve the distraction free environment for guest living is having a motif semi transparent divider between guest living and nearby dining area.

With carefully arrangement of main downlights and accent wall spot lights to highlight the motif divider, feature walls and doorways, a beautiful and visually striking co existence of guest and family living can be achieved harmoniously.

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