Interior Design 3D Modeling Free Beginner Lesson with Sketchup Web

Free Beginner interior design 3D modeling tutorial with Sketchup Web

Interior design 3D modeling can help to turn our imaginative design ideas into a visual in real world scale. Sketchup Web is an intuitive free 3D modeling software that can be easily accessed from the internet browser without need to be installed on the computer.

This is a Beginner level tutorial to create home interior design 3D modeling for bedroom. We will show everyone an easy way to build an accurate 3D modeling for home interior design scheme with Sketchup Web. There will be 3 videos on this series of lessons, everyone can build own 3D modeling with our simple step by step tutorial.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Sketchup Web

This first video lesson will guide everyone understanding the basic Sketchup Web UI interface. There are also some guides on how to draw line and shape, also using the Move, Rotate, Scale, Zoom, Pan tools.

We will show you how to import a layout plan image and scale them to actual world size. This will be treated as a base reference for the 3D modeling we going to do on Lesson 2.

The layout plan image can be downloaded here, so everyone can follow along the modeling process.

Lesson 2 – Sketchup Interior Design 3D Modeling

This second video lesson will guide everyone how to use Orbit tool and X ray Style to assist us during the 3D modeling works process.

We will show you how to construct the wall with Push Pull Tool. There are also some tips on importing and placing the windows, door and furniture from Sketchup 3D Warehouse Library.

Lesson 3 – Set Up Sketchup 3D Perspective View

This third video lesson will introduce everyone on the Sketchup Web Material Panel. We will guide you how to choose and apply different color scheme and materials to the 3D wall and floor.

After we complete all this steps, we will enjoy the fun time on setting up a beautiful 3D Perspective View and export them as image file for sharing and further communicating with our contractors.

Hope you all like it and happy 3D modeling for your desired home!


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