Benefits of Hiring Experienced Freelance Interior Designer

At GetIDonline, we aim to work cost effectively yet remain our utmost design qualities consistently.

We are independent interior designer yet why we go on freelance basis instead of full scale design firms?

Embracing Mobile Technology

With overwhelming growth of internet information technology, more and more people are making good use of smart devices to get the services and products they need.

Mobile technologies make our needs within our finger reach in one sentence that is.

Reduce Operating Cost

Smart devices and wide spreading internet coverage has opened possibilities for us going mobile. More companies are encouraging and allow their staffs to work remotely to reduce the administration and operating costs.

Increase Work Efficiency

Mobile staffs can work more efficiently as they don’t need to deal with bad traffic that is both time and cost consuming, not to mention that will save precious amount of fuel energy, create less pollution to our global environment and having better work – life balance careers.

Reach Out Bounder-less

By working freelancing and embracing mobile technology, we can extend our talents on interior design to every parts of the world. We have high skills on communicating the design process with our customers through different medias.

Our customers don’t need to find time for meetings and get their sweet home design done in a convenient and comfortable ways.

More Reasons?

Here is a simple comparison chart so you understand the benefits of engaging us as your interior designer 🙂

freelance interior design vs design consultant

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