Condominium Interior Design Ideas Sharing

Nowadays, condominium living emerges as a more affordable and safety home for general citizens on the ever raising housing price scenarios.

While condominium can offer a convenient and comfortable home stay, we will need to make good use of every inches of house compound as the build ups area become ever smaller with every new launched properties.

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How To Get Home Renovation Done Within 38k Budget?

In a ever increasing inflation impacts on construction workers and material costs, home owners always lack of sufficient renovation savings needed for their new home renovation.

With limited budget, how can we make a good choice on expending at the right renovation items that will make a comfortable home?

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Japanese Restaurant Design Made Different

We have invited to provide design solutions for a Duo Entry Izakaya Japanese Restaurant at USJ Mall Subang Jaya.

There is a outdoor dining platform that connects to restaurant’s main entrance. We cater a dedicated stand alone sake bar kiosk that serves Japanese sake and drinks during night hours.

Pendant lights are placed on top of every dining tables to create intimate light zonings for each group of dinners when the sun falls.

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Airbnb Home Design Guidelines

Let’s take a deep look into Malaysian Airbnb Home Design thingy, don’t we?

What is the comfortable investment cost ones should put on their first batch of design and renovation expenses?

Rationally it should be around 30k for a 900 sqft unit. The Ideas behind is we can break even in less than 2 years if execute properly.

Not forget Airbnb home owner still need to set aside some funds for normal day operation, upgrading and maintenance costs.

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Office Pantry Cabinet Design Malaysia

Office Pantry is a great break out and casual social space for white collars’ need on seeking temporary getaway from daily works.

If well invested and space planning, pantry can improve interactions and belonging ratio among office staffs.

This in turns will increase working efficiency and revenue to the company.

We paint a dark grey prominent wall and keep the main floor tile finish and ceiling colour to light creamy tone.

The lengthly pantry cabinet been compartmented with white oak and white colour timber doors to bring in some visual space depth and fun to the area.

A mixture of red ceiling timber strips, blue colour glass and green plant pots further inject a colour contrary of this space to other office areas. This will instantly changing staff working moods while they stepping into the pantry.

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