Before and After 3D Kitchen Design Malaysia

Kitchen is one of the main area in our beloved home where is the place we spend a great portion of our time while we are at home.

A well design kitchen can be a multi purposed space that we can carry out many different activities here. For instances, we can treat it as our quick breakfast place. Mom can invite neighbor for a social chit chating while sharing baking session together right at kitchen too.

Malaysia Kitchen Design Before After 01

Family members can use bar counter at kitchen for study place or ad hoc working area too with a cup of coffee and great background music as complement.

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Soho Home Design Guideline with Panorama 360 View !!

Soho Unit has been converted mostly for airbnb home stay in Malaysia. Yet the small build up areas of soho unit actually is a good paradise for young citizen to treat it as private home or weekend home as well.

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Feeling not productive during this #stayathome period? You can do some Home DIY !!

It’s been a while all of us have stay at home due to the pandemic lockdown.

Feeling bored after days watching Astro tv show now and then or keep sticking online watching what our peers were doing on social platform.

Yes, tidy up and make changes to our living home environment might be a better thing to spend Family Time together.

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Rawang Scandinavian Master Bedroom Design

Master Bedroom is the most intimate and occupied space inside our home most of the time. We spend one half of our time here daily. It is wise to rethink proper arrangement and types of furniture and loose items to suit our preference.

In order to accommodate this bedroom owners of having a resting window long bench and open wardrobe concept, we thoughtfully arrange the suitable position and orientation of dressing table, wall storage and loose furniture in a way to avoid any obstacles for smooth walking flow on every corners of the bedroom.

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Rawang Scandinavian Living Room Design Scheme

What is the design theme you prefer for your sweet home. Our customers for this double terrace house particularly like to have Scandinavian design theme for their new home.

Home Design Idea & Directions

We fill in the interior space with various light pastel colours such as pastel yellow, green and purple! Complimentary blending them together with light timber elements and white window framing to form a sweet and playful color swatches.

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