The Essence of Office Reception and Product Showroom Design

Office Reception Lobby Design Malaysia

Creative design mindset can alter our predefined view towards how a factory office reception will look alike.

In this global hardware trading office, we came out a different design approach. As the management foreseen unnecessary of having a permanent receptionist and counter here, so we transform the reception area into a welcoming product showcase center.

Office Product Showroom Design Malaysia

The main front wall in lift lobby has been treated with the corporate colour scheme. Department directory and Inspirational quote graphical panels were placed at the center location that is prominent to the visitors’ first glance on entering the office reception.

We design a few types of display cabinets specifically cater for different types of hardware and accessories so visitors can view the products on the right angles.

Office Product Showcase Cabinet Design Malaysia

Dedicated design graphic stickers are introduced on the building aluminum glass facade. While maintaining the natural light source in the internal space, it also creates a new cost effective channel of product marketing and branding awareness for the company to general public.

We also create a world map product display zone to make use of the space under the main staircase. This further bring out the global trading status of the company to its customers and business partners.

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