Condominium Interior Design Ideas Sharing

condominium living room design puchong

Nowadays, condominium living emerges as a more affordable and safety home for general citizens on the ever raising housing price scenarios.

While condominium can offer a convenient and comfortable home stay, we will need to make good use of every inches of house compound as the build ups area become ever smaller with every new launched properties.

Small Living Room Design Ideas

Here we would like to share our design scheme for small condo design ideas for all of you.

condo open kitchen design puchong

1. Well Defined Colour Palettes

We need to find a uniform colour scheme that will be applied throughout the house so small condo home will looks relatively wider. Overwhelming co- existence of many main colours within small compound will made the space more divided and visually clustered.

Generally applying a colour blending scheme of 6:3:1 ratio with a bright colour as main colour and a single secondary complement colour on selected wall or floor and a few small vibrant accent colours on decorative items like painting and soft pillows will be sufficient for achieving appealing and lively spaces.

2. Plaster Ceiling Not A Must

Don’t fully cover the whole house with plaster ceiling that might made the space compact. Instead opt for having plaster ceiling only at either living or kitchen area and remain the existing slab for the rest.

This will not only save some renovation cost yet also help to define our house into different activity zonings.

condominium dining area design puchong

3. Mirror The Boundary Illusionist

Mirror panels can form a effective decorating accents especially for dining area. It blur out lines between spaces that is essential for condominium home. this will make small space appear comfortable.

master bedroom bed head wall design puchong

4. Characteristic Defined Wallpaper

Wanting to make master bedroom your own unique space? Simple trick by applying your favourite graphical wallpaper on the bed head wall will get the job done.

Find a stylish wallpaper that match your personality so the bedroom will become your escape resort within our house compound.

master bedroom study table design puchong

5. Black Magic Depth Creator

Wishing to add some refreshing touches without distort the bright colour scheme? Black colour furniture and feature wall is the magic tool to achieve this.

Black colour is the go-to secondary colour that can blend into any colour scheme easily. The Key of using black is keeping it proportionally right.

condominium guest room design puchong

6. Wall Painting The Designer Favourite Tools

Whenever you lack of ideas how to decor your home or having no clues over fabrics, tiles, marbles and timber panels, try just painting a single wall with vibrant hue, you will be surprised on how the room instantly comes to life.

There are many types of paints on the horizon, explore into special paints like texture paint, cotton paint, charcoal paint, your will find your favourite tools!

7. Home Design with Budget in Mind

Lastly, while we are exciting to discover ideas on home design, it is wise to keep the design selections within our renovation budget so our financial remain intact.

Do take a look at our Essential Home Renovation Budgeting Guidance for further ideas on how to get 1000 sq ft design done within our renovation budget !

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