Lush Executive Condominium Home Design Singapore

Lush Executive Condominium Balcony Garden Design

We have been engaged for this unique EC home design at Singapore. Visitors are welcomed with a grand and luxurious garden terrace on their very first sight when stepping into the house.

The architect has positioned the garden terrace between main entrance and the main indoor spaces like living, dining and dry kitchen. This space arrangement make the garden terrace indeed the entry foyer area and also allow ample natural lights to flow into the indoors interior spaces.

Lush Executive Condominium Layout Plan

It makes garden terrace a multi functional space and let the home owners having the flexibility of expanding their daily household and social activities inside the interior living space to terrace area whenever it is necessary.

Lush Executive Condominium Entry Foyer Design

A unique timber handrails are designed along the existing window balcony walls that double up as display shelves for plant pots and umbrella holder.Sliding louvered window panels help to keep out of flashing rains.

We painted the very first side wall next to the main entrance with eye catching yellow colour to impose first visual impacts for home owners and visitors while they entering the home.

The yellow wall also becomes a interesting feature backdrop for the garden terrace and also dining area when looking out from indoor living areas too.

Lush Executive Condominium Dining Area Design

A dominant concealed lighted timber wall overhang paneling are created along the terrace side wall from entry outdoor area to indoor dining helps further increase the visual connections between the spaces

A small garden corner is catered at the mid of terrace for gardening display and hanging greenery. Here is where the unobstructed views from every corners of the open living compounds.

Lush Executive Condominium Living Area Design

Interior Design of living and dining space are keep to simple and clean to counter the happening and visual impacts of garden terrace. This will ensure the indoor spaces remain easy and uncluttered to human eye.

A raise composite timber platform is placed at balcony corner next to living area. It helps defining the space zoning virtually for TV living and dining areas.

small linear planter box is designed as backdrop for this outdoor seating platform.

Do take further reading on the Master Bedroom for this same Executive Condo for more interesting ideas !

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