Executive Condo Master Bedroom Design Done with Effective Space Planning

Lush Executive Condominium Master Bedroom Design

We zone out this master bedroom into 3 activities areas as bedding, study and wardrobe areas.

Each zones are arranged in a way according to the activities flows of the room owners that has become their habitual daily routines. This helps to make bedroom feel comfortable and relaxing.

Lush Executive Condominium Master Bedroom Layout Plan

Two tier full height curtains are proposed for existing full length glass windows so these curtains create a visual interest in the bedroom yet won’t be too prominent as compare to single pattern or color curtains.

On the other hand, Walnut timber is selected for bed head so it blend nicely and appear as part of the expansion from the existing dark timber flooring.

Lush Executive Condominium Master Study Area Design

The same walnut timber are used for study table and cabinet yet they are soften down with the co- existence of ivory white hanging cabinet and marble laminated wall paneling.

Black thin border with concealed LED further enhance the aesthetic beauty of the marble wall paneling and act as optional night light source in the Master Bedroom.

Do take a look at the Living and Dining Areas Design of this same executive condominium we done that is having a inspiring Terrace Garden next to the living spaces !

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