Essential Home Renovation Budgeting Guidance

First time home buyers might overwhelming helpless and clueless looking at their bare house unit. Without knowing how to start their home renovation journey is a painful feeling while having excitement on getting close to ones dream home.

We would like to help up with our initiative write up on How to rationalize home renovation budget? This works as the first guidance so home owners acknowledge the importance of finding the balance workout between a sweet home design versus reasonable renovation budget.

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Freight Forwarding and Logistic Office Design Malaysia

Office Design Scheme vary depend on different business nature and preferred operating workflow of daily work routine.

Reception area is the very first entry space that will give first instant sight impression and branding perception for visiting customers towards any business.

Different business nature have different design criteria to the size, functions, space usage of its reception area.

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Sweet Forest Cafe Branding Design

Cafe chains have been become a favourite place not just for delicious foods and beverages, yet also an escaping haven from working generations for temperary mind refreshing and retreats.

More and more sales marketeers treat cafe as their meeting venue as unique interior design of cafe always encourage a relaxing business discussion environment with their customers.

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HDB Dining Area Design Scheme


While living in sub sale apartment or HDB doesn’t necessary a hinder for better living design environment.

We have helped our Singapore client to twist his current home for even better place.

With minimum structure alterations and budget in mind, we proposed a eye catching yet charming colour scheme into the dining area where it just located next to home entry zone.

A medium dark grey textural wallpaper is applied at the dining wall while maximize and categories the storage cabinet for different needs, from concealed shoe cabinet, DB box cabinet, racing bike parking insert, to mixture of display and dining ware cabinet.

The existing window remain untouched yet we suggest a few hanging plants to make the space more cheerful and lively.


The Essence of Office Reception and Product Showroom Design

Creative design mindset can alter our predefined view towards how a factory office reception will look alike.

In this global hardware trading office, we came out a different design approach. As the management foreseen unnecessary of having a permanent receptionist and counter here, so we transform the reception area into a welcoming product showcase center.

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